Blacet Expands Analog Modular Line

modular analog modules from blacet researchBlacet Research has expanded its lineup of modular analog equipment with two modules that provide dual circuits, ideal for compact modular systems.

The VCA2410 is a 1/2 space dual linear VCA, and is ideal for compact systems and for controlling modulation sources. Audio and CV signals are processed cleanly by an “audiophile” VCA chip. A “normalling” arrangement allows the module to be used both as a dual mixer and splitter. Add an EG1 for VC panning and fading applications.

The DF2420 is a dual state variable filter with manual control. This unit works as a formant filter or super tone control. At high Q settings, it can also be used to create basic percussion sounds from low frequency pulses. Normalling allows tandem or separate use of each filter without a separate mixer.

Blacet sells compact voltage-controlled modules in both kit and assembled form. Started in 1978, Blacet is one of the oldest operating companies making modular analog equipment.

Kits and assembled units can be purchased through the Blacet site.

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