New Ethnic Hip-Hop Sample Collection in MPC Format has released the Ethnic Hip Hop Collection, a new sound library for the Akai MPC 1000/2000/XL/3000/LE/4000 drum machines. The library is available on MPC CD-ROM, Zip disk, Floppy, or as Downloadable sets.

The Ethnic Hip Hop Collection library is the largest MPC ethnic library offered today containing over 30 melodic ethnic instruments ranging from the Kanun to the Dagoba to the Tibetian Temple, as well as, 21 ethnic percussion instruments ranging from the Talking Drum to the Djembe to the Cajon. Both “Turbo” and “Regular” versions of the library are available.

Turbo versions include over 670 stereo percussion sounds mapped out across all MPC banks and pads. All percussion is multi-sampled by an average of 16 samples. Plus…each of the 30 melodic ethnic instruments is mapped across the MPC pads in both Major & Minor scales to create ethnic riffs easily on the MPC.

This large collection contains some programs that require expanded memory over the stock 2mb of the MPC2000, MPC2000xl, and MPC3000. Smaller 2mb versions exist to allow loading into unexpanded MPCs.

The full Ethnic Hip Hop Collection instrument list includes:

Banjo, Bass Clarinets, Brazilian Whistle, Celtic Harps, Clarinets, Dagoba, Er Hu, Glockenspiel, Guato, Hammered Dulcimers, Harmonica, Kantele, Kanun, Kotos, Lyre, Mallet, Nye, Ocarina, Oud, Su Gzheng, Tars, Tibetan Temple, Agogo Bells, Berimbau, Cabasa, Cajon, Cowbell+Woodblock, Djembe, NuBell, Sleigh Bells, Talking Drum, Tombek, Chaker, Chime, Conga, Doumbek, Gankogui, Guiro, Pandeiro, Rainstick, Timbale, Triangle, and Udu.

All samples were created from original recordings of virtuoso musicians using world class microphones and pristine Class A mic preamps. The MPC library was programmed by MPCsounds’ sound designers whose credits include MTV, Sony, Universal, Interscope, Jive, Motown, Cash Money Records, and others.

The Ethnic Hip Hop Collection is available on MPC CD-ROM, Zip disk, Floppy, or as Downloadable sets. Prices start at $29.95.

The site has more information and audio demos.

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