pcAudioLabs Releases Nuendo 2.0 Tutorial

pcAudioLabs.com has released Nuendo 2.0 VMT, a video manual and tutorial.

Volume 1 includes almost 3 hours of video instruction on the Nuendo Mixer and related features. Narrated by Thomas Bolton, one of the first few individuals to alpha test Nuendo in the USA before Nuendo 1.0 was ever released, the Nuendo 2.0 VMT explains all aspects of the Nuendo Mixer as well as some other features of Nuendo 2.0 that incorporate the Nuendo Mixer.

The following topics are covered in Volume 1 of the Nuendo 2.0 VMT:

  • VST Multitrack Setup – Learn how to properly setup an Audio Interface in Nuendo. Find out how you can use 2 different audio cards in Nuendo to increase the number of inputs and outputs available. Also included are detailed explanations of the different options in the VST Multitrack Setup.
  • VST Connections – Learn how to configure the input and outputs of your Audio Interface within Nuendo 2.0 for multitrack recording and surround mixing. An in-depth explanation of the options in this section is also included.
  • Mixer Overview – The Nuendo Mixer is quite complex, and a general Mixer Overview will help you to understand all of the features of the Nuendo Mixer. The Mixer Overview explains all parts of the Nuendo Mixer and the corresponding function of each part.
  • Using Inserts, EQs, and Sends – Find out how to tweak your audio files in real-time using inserts, EQs, and sends, and learn how to save your favorite settings as a preset.
  • Audio Recording, Routing, and Signal Flow – Follow the path of an input signal as it travels from an electric guitar into Nuendo 2.0 to be recorded. Discover how to simultaneously record the same input to multiple tracks and apply either real-time or permanent effects to the recorded signal. Learn about the quality differences between recording 16 bit, 24 bit, and 32 bit float files with audible examples.
  • MIDI, VST Instruments, and ReWire – Learn how to record and playback MIDI while using VST Instruments and ReWire applications. An example of using MIDI inserts and sends is also included.
  • Generic Remote Setup – Discover how to setup an external device to control the various aspects of the Nuendo Mixer. Learn how to control a VST Instrument from an external device as well.
  • Surround Mixing – Realize the potential of your mixes by putting them in the surround field. Find out how to configure a surround setup in Nuendo and the various options you have when mixing in surround.

Nuendo 2.0 VMT Volume 1 is available throught the pcAudioLabs site.

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