Blacet Introduces Voltage-Controlled LFO

Can a low-frequency oscillator (LFO) be exciting?

Blacet Research thinks so, and has introduced one with features that modular synth fans can get excited about. The Blacet LFO2430K Voltage-Controlled Micro LFO is a compact module that cupplies a powerful variety of waveforms.

The normalization of an internal waveform to the “Rate CV” jack allows the “CV Attn/Wave Mod” pot to be used to modify the output waveforms from triangle to ramps and square to pulse. Plugging one of the outputs into the “Rate CV” jack provides a bunch of waves with non linear slopes! The Micro LFO also features regular and inverted triangle waves, which can be used together (with Blacet VCA modules) to create effects like voltage-controlled panning.

Blacet recommends combining the Micro LFO with a MX2040 Mixer Processor for an even more versatile modulation setup.


  • Range: 80 S to 350 Hz (with DIP switch on PCA to select alternate Range of 15 M to 35 Hz)
  • LED: Output Indicator
  • Waveforms: Triangle, Square, Sine: +/-5V swing. 0-10V Triangle and 10-0V Inverted Triangle
  • Gate: Normalled to free run until a plug is inserted. Gate also resets all waveforms (+/-5V waveforms to 0, 0-10V waves to +5V)
  • Rate CV and CV Attenuator: The CV jack is normalled to an internal waveform so that the Attn pot will allow variable slewing of the normal output waves to ramps, variable pulse, etc).

Additional information available through the Blacet site.

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