Cakewalk Kinetic – New Groove-Based Electronic Music Software

At the Movement Festival 2004, Cakewalk, a developer of music and sound software for Windows-based PCs, introduced Cakewalk Kinetic, a fast and easy way to create electronic music using PCs.

Kinetic provides a simple way of creating hip-hop, dance and electronica beats and grooves. Kinetic combines a simple click-and-groove sequencer interface with some of the best instrument sounds available on the PC, genuine Roland sounds. (Synthtopia has a review of Cakewalk Kinetic)

Last year, Roland Corporation and Cakewalk announced a strategic alliance that includes a shared vision of delivering the best products for musicians as one of it key tenets. Kinetic represents the first retail software product developed through the companies’ cooperation.

An Easy Way to Make Music

Kinetic makes electronic music beats creation accessible to everyone, regardless of musical experience, by providing an intuitive interface and hundreds of professionally recorded patterns. Select the instrument and style of music you want, then just point, click, and you’re composing your own song with hundreds of music patterns and loops. You can modify the existing patterns or create your own; experiment with the included audio loops by the world-renowned X-MiX producers -the leaders in major label club remixes; add effects, and explore the other music making features that Kinetic has to offer. Kinetic features Roland® instrument sounds from the genre-defining groove boxes that have been the mainstay of chart-toppers and underground legends for decades.

Add audio recording to your experience by connecting Kinetic with Cakewalk Home Studio™, SONAR™ or any other Rewire host application. Connect with your friends and the music community by exporting standard WAV files of your mix to burn CDs, or MP3s to share on the web.

“Kinetic has absolutely everything you need. The UI is inviting, attractive, easy-to-use and, it’s for anyone, even those who have no musical background. If you are a musician, Kinetic offers a host of features that are sure to impress.,” commented Anthony Conte, Vice President of Sales for Cakewalk. “The Roland instrument and synthesizer sounds are the best available anywhere, and are only available in this product on the PC,” added Conte.


  • Compose music and create beats with an easy point and click interface
  • Choose from over 400 instrument patches, featuring genuine Roland sounds (101, 606, 808, 909, more)
  • Add audio loops to your mix for even more rhythmic variety
  • Get started with hundreds of professionally recorded music patterns and ACID™-format loops in popular styles
  • Quickly access patterns and sounds by instrument type and music genre through Kinetic’s innovative content browser
  • Use the included patterns or create your own
  • Play instruments live with a MIDI keyboard or trigger them live with patterns using your mouse
  • Tweak your sounds with professional effects
  • Connect Kinetic to other ReWire compatible recording programs like Music Creator, Home Studio, or SONAR to expand your capabilities
  • Export WAV files of your mix to burn on CD or MP3s to share on the web

Pricing and Availability

Cakewalk Kinetic has an estimated street price of $79.00 U.S., and is available at select music and sound retailers. For more information visit the Cakewalk site or call 888-CAKEWALK (617-423-9004 outside U.S.).

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