Native Instruments

Native Instruments is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of software synthesizers for personal computers, and an innovator in the field of music and audio software.

Founded in 1996, Native Instruments was one of the first companies to use the possibilities of real-time sound synthesis on Macintosh and Windows platforms. Its products, targeted at both audio professionals and hobbyists, have won practically all relevant awards in the music technology press.

Native Instruments is based in Berlin, Germany, with a subsidiary in Los Angeles, USA. The company employs about 60 people and cooperates with more than 30 international distribution partners.

In the beginning of the 90’s the musician and engineer, Stephan Schmitt realized that hardware synthesizers have serious limitations. He envisioned a software based sound generator which would be far superior to conventional hardware solutions in usability, flexibility and price. In light of the rapid increase in the processing power of standard CPUs, Schmitt began to develop a real-time software synthesizer for personal computers.

Together with Volker Hinz, Schmitt began to realize this vision in 1994 and two years later they founded Native Instruments. In March 1996, they released Generator, the world’s first modular, polyphonic, real-time software synthesizer at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt.

Since then, they have released many important electronic music applications, including Reaktor, Absynth, Pro-53, B4, Traktor-DJ, Kontakt Sampler, FM7 and more.

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