Archive Sound

Age takes its toll on the keyboards of classic synths, which can make them difficult to play. Archive Sound specializes in rebuild kits for synths of the past.

Age deteriorates the critical rubber bushings which are the “heart & soul” of Pratt-Read key mechanism, the action used in many of the great synths of the past, including the Prophet-5, OB-Xa, PPG, most ARPs, and the Minimoog. This degradation occurs over time, as many of these instruments are now 15-30 years old. Because of the gradual nature of this effect, it’s easy to forget how smooth these keyboard mechanisms felt when they were new.

You can restore the action of your favorite vintage synth to “As New” using Archive Sounds’s Pratt-Read rebuild kits, and a couple of hours of your time. The P-R rebuild kit is available in a variety of sizes and contains new lubricated bushings, along with easy-to-follow instructions.

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