Steinberg Nuendo DTS Encoder Now Shipping

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has announced the availability of its Nuendo DTS Encoder plug-in. The plug-in makes the DTS format available to all Nuendo users, and is now shipping as a cross platform version for Mac OSX and Windows 2000/XP.

DTS is one of the world’s leading surround formats, with over 22,000 cinemas featuring DTS audio delivery worldwide. Millions of home theater systems also use the same DTS Coherent Acoustics compression algorithm to put high quality surround in homes around the globe. Incorporated within the Nuendo export dialog, Steinberg’s Nuendo DTS Encoder now puts this leading format within easy grasp of Nuendo users. In only a few mouse clicks, Nuendo users can export single files or an entire surround mix of up to 5.1 channels in the DTS format. And because the Nuendo DTS Encoder utilizes the Nuendo export dialog, exports to DTS format are processed faster than real-time.

Steinberg’s Nuendo DTS Encoder offers file handling of DTS audio. An integrated option to export as DTS WAV files allows the burning of encoded files to CD for playback of a DTS stream via the digital output of any CD player. The Nuendo DTS Encoder will also create additional discreet WAV files of the exported audio corresponding to the number of encoded and internally decoded channels and automatically place them on newly created tracks in the Nuendo project. As a result the Nuendo implementation of the DTS technology allows for monitoring the complete encoding-decoding process on a per channel basis.

Commenting on the release, Steinberg’s Senior Product Manager for Nuendo, Lars Baumann, said: “This product release is a major step for Nuendo, adding yet another important product to the Nuendo range of surround production tools by adding support for this increasingly important format. Moreover, the DTS encoding algorithm and the Nuendo audio engine have one thing in common, making the DTS Encoder a perfect match for any Nuendo system: they both sound excellent.”

“The DTS plug-in for Nuendo is sure to satisfy the growing demand for high quality surround sound encoding for DVD,” commented Brian Caldwell, Marketing Director at DTS. “Nuendo was already easy to use, and now we’re excited to see DTS as a part of this important platform.”

Additional information is available at the Steinberg site.

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