New Lake Mesa Quad EQ 4×4 Digital Matrix Processor

Lake Mesa Quad EQLake Technology Ltd. has introduced the Lake Mesa Quad EQ(tm), a new 4×4 digital matrix processor designed for use in standalone or networked concert sound, recording, mastering, and broadcast studio applications.

Incorporating the same advanced DSP-based equalization, delay, and dynamics processing tools found in the Lake Contour digital speaker processor, including the unique asymmetrical Mesa Filter function, the Lake Mesa Quad EQ is also supported by the Lake Controller software in its latest release, Version 3.0.

In addition to shelving and parametric filters, all four discrete channels of the Lake Mesa Quad EQ feature Lake’s powerful EQ Overlay processing, which may be configured to provide both Lake Mesa EQ(tm) Parametric Overlays and Ideal Graphic EQ(tm) Overlays according to the demands of the situation.

A virtually unlimited number of EQ filters may be implemented.

The asymmetrical filtering of the Lake Mesa EQ Parametric Overlay provides the ability to separate the sides of a parametric section, change center frequencies, and adjust slopes independently. The raised cosine filters of the Ideal Graphic EQ Overlay sum flat to ensure that EQ controls precisely match response, offering superior selectivity compared to conventional filters with no interaction between adjacent bands.

Additional processing includes fully adjustable true RMS and soft-clamp limiting on individual channels. Each channel provides adjustment of A/D input headroom and input/output gain, and a delay of up to 2000 ms may also be introduced. Fast updating, high-resolution meters indicate true RMS and peak levels with peak hold.

The Lake Mesa Quad EQ offers four independent channels of galvanically isolated 24-bit, 96 kHz converters. As standard, each channel features an analogue input and output in addition to AES/EBU digital I/O. Inputs may be selected as digital or analogue in pairs, with assignment of any combination of inputs to outputs handled by a 4×4 matrix. All eight outputs – four digital and four analogue – are available simultaneously, allowing the unit to be used as a distribution matrix if desired.

Using the Windows-based Lake Controller V3.0 software, which is now available for download from the Lake Contour website (, users may enjoy full interoperability between Lake Contour and the new equalizer units on the same Ethernet network from a single interface. Entire system configurations may also be stored in the hardware of multiple Lake Contour and Lake Mesa Quad EQ processors for instant recall and comparison via the controller.

“The new Mesa Quad EQ has been developed in direct response to customer feedback regarding our EQ technologies,” explains Lake’s Professional Product Manager, Justin Baird. “Tour sound engineers using Nexo, Meyer Sound, d&b, and other systems with integrated loudspeaker management wanted more independent inputs and outputs with improved signal routing capabilities. Our EQ processing has also found its way into digital mastering and broadcast applications, where customers are looking for a more traditional EQ processing solution. Finally, the Mesa EQ is the perfect solution for the tour sound monitor engineer, providing four mixes per processor with the capability of rapidly grouping multiple mixes across multiple networked processors.”

The Lake Mesa Quad EQ satisfies a variety of live and studio applications.

For example, in situations where the loudspeaker system incorporates proprietary processing or self-powered loudspeakers, the Lake Mesa Quad EQ offers a more economical and extensible solution for system routing and processing. Multiple four-channel Lake Mesa Quad EQs may be combined to apply overall system equalization in multi-zone sound system setups or may be inserted into the monitor console outputs to provide precise equalization of onstage monitor speakers.

In the mastering studio, the unit’s innovative raised cosine filters ensure that the integrity of the mix is maintained while allowing surgically precise manipulation of troublesome frequencies. When networked, two Lake Mesa Quad EQ units can provide the ultimate consistency throughout any multi-channel surround mastering project.

Lake Technology Limited is the creator of the technology behind “Dolby Headphone,” a software solution enabling cinema-quality surround sound to be experienced over any pair of stereo headphones. Lake has strategic relationships with Dolby Laboratories and Clair Bros. Lake customers include major computer OEMs, commercial electronics OEMs, telecommunications companies, airlines, and research institutions. The company has offices in Sydney, Australia and San Francisco, CA.

For more information about Lake Technology and its patented digital audio technologies, please visit the new Lake Contour web site.

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