Steinberg launches Cubase System|2

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has announced the availability of its latest product in its Steinberg Media Solutions product range: Cubase System|2.

Aimed squarely at newcomers to digital music production, Cubase System|2 is an integrated music production system offering Steinberg’s Cubase SE music software workstation, five virtual instruments and a 2- channel USB Audio/MIDI interface.

“This new integrated solution is the ideal product for first time buyers looking for a quick, convenient and cost- effective start into digital music production on their Mac or PC,” commented Arnd Kaiser, Steinberg’s Senior Product Manager for Music Technology. “Cubase System|2 extends our Steinberg Media Solutions product family to cater specifically for newcomers to digital music production,” he continued.

Launched as a stand-alone product earlier this year to industry-wide acclaim, Cubase SE is Steinberg’s entry-level music production software. Offering up to 48 audio tracks and unlimited MIDI tracks, Cubase SE is based on many of the same professional technologies as its larger sibling, Cubase SX. ReWire implementation, a video thumbnail track and full VST 2 support are just some of the features the two applications have in common. Cubase SE also offers professional 24-bit 96 kHz recording as well as five insert and eight send effects per channel while, capacity for up to 16 VST instruments round off the complement of functions.

The audio and MIDI I/O is provided by MI2, a bus-powered USB audio/MIDI interface, which features 2-channel audio I/O as well as 16-channel MIDI interface. MI2 interfaces with a multitude of sources, such as guitars, basses, dynamic or self-powered microphones, electronic keyboards and synthesizers, mixers and preamps. The MI2 features a dedicated Hi-Z front panel input for guitars/basses, as well as complete monitoring/control room section with adjustable direct monitoring mix and independent headphone and main output volume.

The five included VST instruments are already well-known from Steinberg’s Studio Case music producers’ collection: The Grand SE, D’cota SE, Virtual Guitarist Electric Edition SE, Groove Agent SE and HALion SE. Encompassing a range of quality sounds and virtual “players” including drummers and guitarists, pianos and synthesizers, Cubase System|2 also includes a special version of Steinberg’s award-winning HALion virtual sampler along with a specially designed Producer Sound Library.

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