Bias Brings Audio Restoration Solutions to Windows

bias sound soapBias, Inc., a leading professional audio software manufacturer now offers solutions for the Windows platform. Previously only available to the Macintosh community, the release of SoundSoap, and SoundSoap Pro represent the first major Windows based offerings from the company.

Both powerful restoration tools, SoundSoap is tailored for the consumer/hobbyist while SoundSoap Pro targets the high-end digital video, film, broadcast, and multimedia professional. The ease-of-use and high-quality functionality is increasingly growing customers outside the music industry (MI) to discover and use Bias’ award winning products.

“In the last year we’ve seen real growth in sales outside the MI,” said Jason Davies, vice president of worldwide sales for Bias. “We have been bundling limited editions of Peak with Final Cut Pro since version 2, and that’s brought us a lot of attention from the digital video community. Additionally, the light versions of our products (Peak LE, Deck LE, and SoundSoap) are available in consumer retail channels, as well as music stores. As a result, we’ve seen our customer base broaden beyond the high-end audio market in which we have been established for so many years. Our new cross-platform products bring our award winning technology to users of the Windows platform, as well as growing our leadership in the Macintosh domain.”


Bias SoundSoap is a digital audio signal processing application & VST/Direct X plug-in for the Macintosh and Windows computing platforms. SoundSoap is the first professional-quality noise reduction solution that’s also easy enough for average consumers to use effectively. By adjusting just two knobs, anyone can remove unwanted hiss, room noise, rumble, electrical hum, and other background noise from almost any digital media files – including digital video (DV) soundtracks, PowerPoint and other presentation software soundtracks, Flash and other web-tool soundtracks, digital audio workstation tracks, cassette or other analog tape recordings that have been transferred to a computer, and other sources. SoundSoap works by removing “broadband” noise (such as room noise, tape hiss, road noise from a moving vehicle, or noise from air conditioners). It also removes low-frequency rumble, as well as hum – the 50Hz or 60Hz electrical “buzzing” sound common in many audio recordings. The software can even intelligently learn the difference between the noise and the desired audio – achieving amazingly effective results.

With moderate or subtle noise problems, SoundSoap can make the difference between a project that sounds amateurish and one that sounds professional; with more extreme noise problems, SoundSoap can effectively salvage an otherwise unusable audio file. And in keeping with Bias’ tradition of creating powerful native-capable audio applications, SoundSoap takes full advantage of the processing power of your computer, with no additional hardware needed. SoundSoap ships as a stand-alone application as well as a Mac/Win VST and Direct X plug-in. SoundSoap is available through the worldwide network of authorized Bias dealers and distributors, and direct from Bias, for US $99 SRP.

SoundSoap Pro

SoundSoap Pro takes noise reduction to the next level – taking the proven noise reduction technology first developed for SoundSoap, and adding advanced parameter control, click & crackle removal, a noise gate, and a global spectrogram. SoundSoap Pro is targeted at professional audio producers, engineers, musicians, sound designers, and forensic scientists, and is designed for the audio professional needing total control in the noise reduction process – and offers the tools needed to deal with any unwanted noise problems.

SoundSoap Pro offers the ultimate in parameter control, and incorporates four distinct noise reduction tools – Hum & Rumble, Click & Crackle, Broadband, and a Noise Gate – and places them into a single, sleek user interface. Tool navigation tabs are positioned left to right, reflecting the suggested order in which operations should be performed, to obtain the best possible results. Even with its many knobs, buttons, and sliders – SoundSoap Pro remains easy-to-use, thanks to its intuitively designed user interface.

SoundSoap Pro is available in VST, RTAS, Audio Units, and Direct X formats – it gives you the tools needed to restore the worst noise problems in virtually any host application that supports plug-ins, on Macintosh OS X and Windows XP platforms, including Peak 4 (VST/Audio Units), Pro Tools (RTAS), Logic/Digital Performer (Audio Units), Nuendo/Cubase SX/Wavelab (VST), Sonar (Direct X), and others.

SoundSoap Pro is available through the worldwide network or authorized Bias dealers and distributors, and direct from Bias, for US $599 SRP.

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