Genelec 8000 Series Active Bi-Amp Monitors

Genelec 8000Genelec has launched a new line of near-field, two-way systems – the 8000 Series.. The 8000 series takes a new approach to enclosure design, driver technology, and active electronics.

All three models use all aluminum, minimum difraction enclosure(MDE™) design, with large internal volumes, softly curved edges, and outstanding mechanical strength.

Ilpo Martikainen, MD of Genelec, comments: ‘Genelec changes models only when real performance improvements can be achieved. The design brief for the new 8000 series called for a reduction in various linear and non-linear distortions. After careful analysis of what improvements were technically and economically feasible, our engineering department devoted more than two years to achieving them all. As a result, the 8000 series probably offers the finest professional monitoring systems available today.

Genelec 8000 series

The 8030A, the smallest of the series, features a 5 inch bass driver along with a 3/4 inch tweeter loaded into a new advanced Genelec Directivity Controlled Waveguide™ (DCW™). The free field frequency response is 55Hz to 21kHz. Peak SPL per pair is 108dB driven by a pair of 40-watt amplifiers.

The intermediate sized 8040A, incorporates a newly designed 6 1/2 inch woofer and a 3/4 inch tweeter also set into the Advanced Genelec DCW™. The free-field frequency response is 45Hz to 21kHz. Peak SPL per pair is 115dB achieved utilising 90 watt amplifiers for each driver.

The 8050A is the largest model. Like its predecessor, the ubiquitous 1031A, it uses a new proprietary 8 inch bass driver and a 1 inch tweeter also set into the Advanced DCW™. The 8050A will produce peak SPLs of 120dB with a free-field frequency response of 35Hz to 21kHz. Bass and treble amplification is 150 and 120 watts respectively.

Each 8000 monitor system incorporates the unique Genelec Iso-Pod™, Isolation – Positioner Decoupler. The Iso-Pod™ is a clever mounting stand, which allows the system to perform in either the vertical or horizontal position. It also means the acoustic axis of the monitor can be aimed at the listener, while remaining acoustically mechanically decoupled from the surface it is resting on.

In addition to the new rounded enclosure design and driver selection, the 8040 and 8050 models also feature new crossover filters and room response controls. A “Desk-top (console) Bass control” has been added along with the customary Genelec Bass Tilt, Bass Roll-off, and Treble Tilt controls.

All 8000 systems are magnetically shielded for use in environments where video monitors are in close proximity. A variety of fixing holes for major standards are also standard.

Details are available at the Genelec site.

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