hypnotiqueKeeping the art of the theremin alive in the UK is musician, actress, and radio personality Hypnotique.

Her site features information on her theremin, cabaret, commercial and performance art work. The site also features MP3 samples of her performances and information about her participation in a Switched On radio project, including interviews with Jean-Jacques Perrey and Bob Moog.

“Hypnotique seeks to explore elements of the dark side of the subconscious and ritual obsessions in her ever-confrontational work; combining Orwellian nightmares with an offbeat humour, she rides an explosive trail that leaves lesser mortals burnt out in the wake. With influences ranging from Throbbing Gristle to Kafka, Pierre Schaeffer, Ennio Morricone, Shirley Bassey, Laurie Anderson, John Barry, Lydia Lunch and Marlene Dietrich, she is a mythical space age enchantress who evokes a world and era far, far from the maddening ‘Pop Idol’ crowds..”

Synthtopia has published a wide-ranging interview with Hypnotique.

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