Digidesign Offers Real-time Web Licensing for Plug-ins and Other Software

Digidesign has announced new iLok support that enables Pro Tools® system users to purchase and download Web licenses (software authorizations) from the DigiStore in real time.

With the new functionality, Digidesign and Digidesign Development Partner plug-ins and other software options (such as DigiTranslatorcan be licensed at the point of sale, and can then be securely and immediately transferred directly to any inserted iLok USB Smart Key or deposited into a user’s iLok.com account.

Digidesign has also made Web licenses available for plug-in rentals using the same DigiStore purchase, download, and licensing model. Rental periods are flexible, allowing the user to choose between 2-day, 14-day and 31-day periods. Once the rental expires, it can be renewed using any iLok. Twenty-four hour availability and accessibility of plug-ins mean better workflow enhancement and flexibility. While many pro audio software developers offer online purchase with download-only versions of their software, Digidesign is the first to offer software rentals for a plug-in platform that initially includes over forty plug-ins.

Web plug-in licensing features include:

  • Purchase, download, and license plug-ins within the DigiStore
  • Download licenses or deposit them in a user’s iLok.com account
  • Renew plug-in demo periods directly from the Pro Tools user interface
  • Flexible plug-in rental periods: 2 days, 14 days, or 31 days
  • Full purchase and rental licenses available for all Digidesign plug-ins
  • Full purchase and rental licenses available for all Digidesign-distributed Development Partner plug-ins
  • Compatible with all Windows XP- and Mac OS X-based Pro Tools systems

For added convenience, full purchase and rental licensing are also completely embedded into the Pro Tools workflow. Users of plug-in demos can now purchase or rent a plug-in directly from the plug-in’s user interface within Pro Tools.

For more information, visit Digidesign’s website.

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