K-Sounds Releases Advanced Control Piano Volume 2 for Kurzweil

KSounds Advanced Control Piano Volume 2K-Sounds has announced the latest in its line of sample libraries for Kurzweil, K-Sounds Volume 2: Advanced Control Piano.

Volume 2: Advanced Control Piano, is an all-new, Kurzweil-format piano library designed to provide exceptional sound quality and real-time control. As a hardware-based alternative to gigabyte-size samples, this library offers KDFX-based sympathetic string resonance emulation, individual samples up to 15 seconds long, and detailed, comprehensive programming.

Solo piano programs offer real-time control over dynamic response, tonal clarity, sustain enhancement, release time, high and low shelf EQ, reverb level, reverb time, and early reflection content. Variation programs offer narrow stereo imaging, prominent sympathetic string resonance, and alternate tuning for layers. Special programming uses polyphony efficiently. Dozens of presets are provided.

Piano programs are featured in all common layered combinations – pads, strings, orchestra, electric pianos, and their variations – and a few that are uncommon as well. Bonus sounds are included.

Dozens of banks are provided, ranging from 16Mb to 128Mb in size. Banks vary with respect to sample length, sampling frequency, and the number of samples used.

Volume 2: Advanced Control Piano is compatible with all Kurzweil K2xxx instruments and optimized for KDFX-equipped models. Operating system requirements may apply.

The library is available online through the KSounds site.

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