BT – Brian Transeau

BT - Brian TranseauAmerican electronic music artist and DJ Brian Transeau, BT, has achieved success that other electronica artists only hope for.

BT has had a stream of successful solo releases. He has remixed top artists like Madonna and Seal. BT has DJ’d around the world. He has even scored several movies, including Go, The Fast & The Furious, & Monster.

BT was signed to Paul Oakenfold’s Perfecto label in 1995. He made his first impressions with trance tracks. His album IMA mixed a broad range of influences to create progressive trance tracks like no one else had ever created. He also pushed the envelope with early remixes for Seal, Sarah McLachlan and Madonna. His work quickly established BT as one of the leading trance artists.

In 1997, Transeau released his second album ESCM, which contained not only trance tracks, but breakbeat, drum and bass, and rock-influenced tracks. Flaming June, off of the album, gave him one of his biggest club hits. He expanded his influences and explorations even more on Movement in Still Life, which included string orchestrations and other classical influences. The hit Dreaming was innovative progressive trance, mixing stutter edits, breakbeats and orchestral accompaniment.

His stylistic experimentation has continued on more recent releases . With Emotional Technology, BT explored rap, pop, rock, retronica, and other styles.

With his soundtracks to Monster, Stealth and other films, BT has combined his experimental electronic sound with more traditional acoustic and orchestral music.

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