FXpansion Introduces BFD XFL Drum Expansion Pack

BFD XFLBFD XFL is the first add-on pack for FXpansion’s BFD premium acoustic software drum module, expanding and intensifying the BFD system.

BFD XFL’s 5 DVDs arm you with 22GB of hyper-detailed drum components, all recorded with the same top-end studio gear and microphones as the original. BFD XFL revisits Eldorado Studio to give you the same lush ambience that gave BFD its unique, authentic character.

BFD XFL revisits Californian studio, Eldorado Recording, and professional audio engineer Steve Duda (NIN, Pitchshifter, A Perfect Circle) to give you the same ambience that gave BFD its character. All kit pieces for BFD XFL were recorded with the same top-end studio equipment and microphones as the original for complete sonic compatibility.


  • A broader range of drum kit pieces, many of which are struck with brushes and mallets; variations such as toms with damping tape on the skins, kick with felt beater, and hi-hats with mounted tambourine.
  • A selection of percussion accessories and extra hits, including cowbells, jamblocks, tambourines, and even handclaps and finger snaps.
  • Up to 93 velocity layers per articulation, for the ultimate in realism and responsiveness.
  • Incredibly detailed hi hats recorded not only at the closed, 1/2-open and open positions of the original BFD, but also 1/4-open and 3/4-open positions — each at many different velocities.
  • A huge selection of rare and desirable kit pieces brings you even closer to assembling your dream kit!

Price and Availability

BFD XFL is available for pre-order direct from FXpansion’s online store for $249 / €199 / £129. BFD XFL will also be available in stores in some countries.

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