Guyatone Flip Series TD-X Tube Echo

Guyatone TD-x tube echoGuyatone has introduced the Guyatone TD-X Tube Echo. Not only does this unit mark a first for Guyatone as they move in a new direction of hybrid digital/analog effect units, it also deserves landmark status as the first Guyatone unit that was conceived and designed in conjunction with Godlyke, Inc.

The TD-X takes the company’s popular MD-3 Micro Delay circuit and combines it with a custom-designed filter array that allows the TD-X to emulate a vast variety of vintage and modern delay sounds including BBD, tape, and digital. The key to the TD-X’s versatility are its two Simulator controls. While most digital units emulate analog tones by using a simple high-frequency roll off, the TD-X features a unique frequency boost/cut filtering system combined with tube warmth and saturation for a unique, organic delay tone that is much more realistic than digital modeling.

The Guyatone TD-X features the following:

  • Real 12AX7A vacuum tube in circuit.
  • 1/16” thick, bent-steel chassis with baked enamel finish and air vent for tube.
  • 2600 milliseconds of delay time.
  • Delay Level, Delay Time, and Feedback controls with switchable Short, Medium and Long delay ranges.
  • Capable of self-oscillation at high feedback settings.
  • Analog Simulation control adds tube saturation on the Delay Repeats and is blendable against unfiltered Delay sound.
  • Tape Simulation knob adds a preset EQ curve (ultra-low cut, high cut, mid boost and low boost) that is blendable against unfiltered Delay sound.
  • Dual Outputs (Wet and Dry).
  • True Bypass Switching using a 3PDT mechanical switch to assure transparent operation in bypass.
  • 12-Volt DC operation (Guyatone AC-12 Adaptor included).
  • 3-year limited warranty
  • List Price $299

More information on the Guyatone TD-X Tube Echo and the complete line of Guyatone products, is available at the Guyatone site, or call toll-free 1-866-246-3595.

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