Damage Control Announces the Demonizer Tube Preamp

Damage Control DemonizerDamage Control, a manufacture of high-end guitar products, has announced the Demonizer Tube Preamp, a pure Class A dual-tube preamplifier pedal with distortion.

The Demonizer is based on an all-analog dual EH12AX7 preamp with opto-compressor and pre/post EQ. The preamp is designed to react like a tube amp’s combined preamp and power amp sections. The true analog Bionic EQ allows tone shaping in both the Pre and Post Tube stages with 2 concentric knobs that shape amplitude and frequency. The Demonizer also features a “magic-eye” average output meter that reacts to your performance levels.


  • Dual 12AX7’s
  • 2 channels (Engage and Nuclear)
  • Easy Operation
  • Included Power Supply
  • Analog Tube Circuit Designs
  • True switch bypass
  • Regulated Switching Power Supply with High Voltage Output for True Amp Level Tube Biasing
  • Unique “Magic Eye” Display Technology
  • Remote System Architecture for Master Footpedal Control
  • Metal Knobs and Switches
  • Rugged cast aluminum Mechanical Design
  • Bionic Tube Pre & Post Tone Control Features
  • Made in USA

Demonizer will be available direct from Damage Control. Price: $349. The Demonizer is expected to ship in October 2004.

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