DJ Irene

dj ireneDJ Irene is one of the top DJ’s in the world, releasing work at a dizzying pace and reigning as the Global House Diva.

She began mixing in the mid eighties, while she was in college, and her hobby quickly turned into her passion and her career. She has established herself as a fixture of the West Coast dance scene, initially focusing on hard house, and more recently moving into trance and techno into her sets.

Irene tends to be eclectic and frenetic with her mixes. It’s not unusual for her to mix twenty or thirty tracks into a mix album, many more than most DJs. Her mixes tend towards a harder and edgier sound, and she has adopted a style to match.

Recently, she’s toured with another top female DJ, DJ Rap, on their “Chicks with Decks” tour.

DJ Irene has a fearless, take-no-prisoners attitude which has helped rise to the top. To anyone that has stood in her way, she’s had one thing to say: “Here I am, kiss my ass, I’m one bad ass bitch that can mix!!!”


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