Sound Quest Shipping Midi Quest and Midi Quest XL 9.1

Sound Quest is shipping Midi Quest 9.1 and Midi Quest XL for Macintosh OS X and OS 9.

Sound quest midi questMidi Quest 9.1 and Midi Quest XL for Macintosh both include support for over 600 instruments from more than 60 different manufacturers and feature an large collection of tools to backup, create, edit, organize and tweak the settings of your synthesizers, effects units, drum machines and other MIDI devices.

Midi Quest 9.1 features advanced graphic parameter editors, drag and drop bank organization, integrated hierarchical parent/child relationships, creation of Cubase Patch name scripts and Sonar/Cakewalk master.ins name files (for networked Windows machines), 5 types of intelligent patch creation/randomization, descriptive tags and queries, and ships with over 70,000 unique patches.

Midi Quest XL includes all of the features of Midi Quest 9.1 and adds an extensive collection of advanced features including: creation of XML patch name documents, Midi Quest VST plug-in version with parameter automation, patch name servers to automatically create XML name documents, name scripts, and master.ins files, batch tools for automated SysX File conversion, and all the tools necessary to build and customize your own instrument modules.

Midi Quest 9.1 and Midi Quest XL are the only Universal Editor/Librarians currently available for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms and all data files and instrument modules are cross system compatible.

For a complete description of Midi Quest’s features and capabilities and a list of the over 600 supported instruments, visit Sound Quest’s web site.

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