Edirol Introduces New S.L.I.M. MIDI Keyboard Controller

edirol pcr-1 keyboardEdirol has announced the PCR-M1, the MIDI-only version of the popular PCR-1 compact USB Keyboard controller.

The PCR-M1 is a 25-Key MIDI controller that measures just over one inch thick and weighs less than three pounds. With Edirol’s S.L.I.M. technology, full-sized keys with a shorter travel distance provide a comfortable playable action.

The PCR-M1 has been designed specifically to meet the needs of traveling musicians, performers, and home studios alike with features such as three power options: directly from the USB port, from 4 AAA batteries or from an optional AC adapter. The PCR-M1 has a new rotary encoder that can be assigned to scroll program changes, scroll saved control maps, adjust velocity sensitivity, change MIDI channel, or adjust tempo. This allows the user to change settings without entering the Edit menu for even more rapid recall and adjustment.

The PCR-M1 is built on the same technologies that have made its larger PCR brothers a standard in MIDI control; including the ability to assign absolutely any MIDI message to any of the assignable physical controls, 16 memory locations to store different control maps, minimum and maximum value adjustments for each control, rapid changing of control maps, downloadable presets, an integrated 1×1 MIDI interface, a powerful software editor, and V-LINK support.

More specifically, the PCR-M1 offers separate pitch bend and modulation controls along with a number of assignable controls; 8 knobs, 6 buttons, 1 sustain pedal, and 1 expression pedal. The PCR-M1 also has a SHIFT button to allow a second message to be assigned to the 8 knobs and 3 of the buttons for a total of 27 control assignments per control map.

Suggested retail price is $310 with availability in the 4th quarter of 2004.

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