Amir Baghiri

Amir Baghiri is a musician, sound designer and composer whose dark ambient soundscapes have been featured on dozens of CDs and in film.

Originally from Iran, he is now based in Germany. He has released over 28 solo CDs, collaborations with other artists and several film scores.

He began composing music in 1980. While still in school, he was the founder and keyboard player of a band called Red Fly. Later, he played keyboards and percussion in The Pygmies, a free jazz band.

More recently, he has been composing for many different mediums.  His work includes orchestral soundtracks and sonic transformations for feature films, commercials and documentaries. He augments his energetic electronica compositions with ancient fractal grooves and exotic soundscapes.

Currently, he is working with several well-known musicians on multiple productions, and creating ambient soundscapes (abstract, noise, minimal experimental, dark and tribal, etc). He works in his own studio, the Bluebox, where he produces and engineers other musicians and projects, in addition to his own music.

His web site,, features news about his work, free downloads of his music, and an online shop. A current discography, including samples of some of his work, is also available at his site.

Selected Discography

  • 2003 Yalda (CD) CD for Vivo Recordings
  • 2002 Dreamresources (CD) CD with the Neuronium – Spain
  • 2002 Private Archive 2002 (5CD Box) Italy Arya-Amplexus (only limited available)
  • 2001 Rooms (3CD Box) Inner Rooms – Real Rooms – Spaces in Between (Italy Arya-Amplexus)
  • 2000 Bluebox Collection (4CD Box) City – Live – Night – Sleep (Italy Arya-Amplexus)
  • 1999 Winterscape (CD) Spain – NO-CD Rekkord
  • 1998 Autumn (CD) Italy Arya-Amplexus
  • 1997 Time (CD) Italy Arya-Amplexus
  • 1996 Cages (CD) Span – NO-CD Rekkord
  • 1987 Silent Red Planet (LP) Iran Sazo, Avaz Music (Only available in Iran)
  • 1985 Quite Desert (LP) Iran Sazo, Avaz Music (Only available in Iran, Copyright Sazo, Avaz)
  • 1984 Colours Of The Caspian Sea (LP) Iran P.I. Communication Services (Only available in Iran)
  • 1983 Visions Of The Night (MC) Iran P.I. Communication (Only available in Iran)
  • 1981 Slow Motion (MC) Iran Nedaye oumgh (Only available in Iran)

Collaborations & Compilations

  • 2003 Chilling You Out Sampler from Neuronium Records (Available worldwide)
  • 2001 Laudanum (Mini CD) with Rüdiger Gleisberg (Italy Amplexus)
  • 2001 Schwingungen Auf CD No. 3+4
  • 2001 Schwingungen Auf CD No. 44
  • 2000 Estrada Studio Magazine for electronic music (CD with Amir Baghiri’s story and interview) (not longer available)
  • 2000 Between Sun & Moon Various Artists, Amplexus-Soleilmoon)
  • 2000 Groove Unlimited Sampler No. 5 Various Artists
  • 1999 Schwingungen Auf CD No 23
  • 1999 Cosmo Live concert at the WDR5 Radio Station (Germany)
  • 1999 Upuaut Day three of Italien concert in October 1999
  • 1998 True North (CD) With Matthias Grassow, Italy Arya-Amplexus
  • 1997 Lanzarote Spirit (CD) With Matthias Grassow, Spain – Syntorama
  • 1997 Nocturnes (CD) With Solitaire, Italy Arya-Amplexus
  • 1997 Arcanum (CD) With Matthias Grassow and Rüdiger Gleisberg, Italy Arya-Amplexus
  • 1996 Soundscape Gallery 2 (CD) Compilation, Usa Lectronic Soundscapes
  • 1996 Awakening (CD) On “Fife Years of Eye-Q Music” (2xCD) – Eye Q Records Germany
  • 1995 Fearless (CD) (Awakening) with Solitaire, Recycle Or Die (Eye Q Records) Germany
  • 1987 Ugographity Pygmies
  • 1986 Ouruj With Pygmies
  • 1985 Graphieh 2 With Pygmies
  • 1985 Graphieh With Pygmies
  • 1982 Rubartan With Redfly on live recorded tapes
  • 1981 Dakhmeh With Redfly on double LP album
  • 1981 Red Fly Collaboration with the Redfly on the debut LP Redfly

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