Namm 2004 Summer Session Update: AKG Shipping Wireless Mic System

akg wireless mic systemAt the NAMM 2004 Summer Session, AKG announced that it was now shipping their new WMS 400 wireless mic system.

The primary design goal for the WMS 400 wireless was to make it as easy to use and to sound as good as a wired microphone. Within seconds, the WMS 400 receiver will scan, locate a clear frequency and transmit the data via infrared to the transmitter. The entire system can be set up and working in less than one minute.

In spite of its simple operation, the WMS 400 has class-leading audio performance including 120 dB dynamic range and 35 – 20,000 Hz bandwidth. WMS 400 transmitters have 50 mW RF output to ensure freedom from dropouts because of low signal. Up to 12 WMS 400 systems can be used simultaneously in each of its two frequency bands (a maximum possibility of 24 simultaneous systems).

WMS 400 receivers have a full display of all operating parameters, plus, the display changes from green to red if any fault condition (such as low battery) is detected. The red “warning” display is easily visible from a distance for quick monitoring.

Another design goal of the system was to cut operating costs in half. WMS 400 transmitters will deliver 6 hours of use from a single 1.5-volt “AA” battery or 8 hours of use from the optional high-current NiMh rechargeable battery. To further minimize operating cost and ease of use, all WMS 400 transmitters have integrated charging contacts so they can be placed directly in the optional CU 400 charging station to save battery costs and help protect the environment.

The WMS 400 is also compatible with accessories from the top-of-the-line AKG WMS 4000 such as the antenna multi-coupler, power supplies, line amplifiers, and active and passive remote antennas. This makes it possible to design large multi-channel systems with all the features that professionals demand at an extremely attractive cost.

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