Namm IK Multimedia releases SampleTank 2 FREE

IK Multimedia Sampletank FreeIK Multimedia announced the release of SampleTank 2 FREE at the summer NAMM show. The SampleTank 2 FREE release is complemented by a series of free lessons and free sounds for the definitive sample experience.

SampleTank 2 FREE is a fully working version of SampleTank 2 with this simple limitations:

  • It opens only a limited selection of sounds made just for the FREE version
  • Import function has been disabled
  • Only one instance is available
  • The utilization of user presets has been disabled

About SampleTank 2

SampleTank 2 is a leading sound workstation plug-in, more powerful than a sampler and with more sounds than a sound module. SampleTank 2 gives you instant access to an unlimited world of superb sounds and complete control over every aspect of them. Exclusive STRETCH™ (SampleTank Time REsynthesys TeCHnology), pitch-shift/time-stretch synthesis, and traditional resampling synthesis put control of tempo, tune and harmonics at your fingertips. Thousands of native sounds already available, plus the ability to import unlimited WAV, AIFF, SDII, AKAI, and SAMPLECELL files in the full version. Top-notch features like 32 built-in award-winning effects, 16 multitimbral layerable parts, full synth-sampler engine control, single-sample editing, loop sync, portamento, keyword search, and loads more…


SampleTank 2 has 32 high quality DSP effects built-in to the module. With 5 effects per instrument channel, the ability to sound like a produced album instantly sets Sampletank 2 apart from all other virtual instruments. Included are effects from our award winning AmpliTube™ and T-Racks plug-ins, plus 12 stage phasers, flangers, chorus, delay, reverb, rotary, tremolo… all saved with the sound for instant recall!

Ease of use

SampleTank 2 allows full access to more than 50 new synth-engine parameters including multi-mode filters, envelopes, LFOs and more for your own patch creation. A stream-lined interface complete with light-speed control over SampleTank’s 16 multitimbral parts. Instant access to MIDI channel, Solo, Mute, Polyphony, Volume and Pan. Plus, every parameter in SampleTank 2 is MIDI controllable for optimal interactive performance.


SampleTank 2 FREE is available for Mac0S9, Mac0SX and Windows XP, VSTi, DXi, RTAS, MAS and Audio Units all from the same box.


SampleTank 2 FREE and the first series of free lessons and sounds is available at the IK Multimedia site.

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