Namm – Pigs and Electronics Mix! Pigtronix Phaser

Pigtronix phaserAbsara Audio announced the launch of the Pigtronix EP-1 Envelope Phaser, a combination of classic analog effects presented in a compact, multi-function foot pedal.

Custom shop versions of the EP-1 are already in use by the likes of chart topping road warriors: Maroon 5; jazz/funk/jam favorites, Soulive; 10-string bass virtuoso, Stew McKinsey; as well as the world reknowned NYC recording studio, The Hit Factory.

The Pigtronix EP-1 Envelope Phaser features fat, responsive, touch sensitive sound. The EP-1 is an flexible effect with a warm analog personality, versitle tone palette and a stage friendly interface.

At the heart of EP-1 is an opto-electronic asymmetrical phase shifter that can be controlled by either a low frequency oscillator or an envelope follower. Advanced features include footswitchable phase inversion, expression pedal speed control for mind-bending, rotary speaker effects and an EF trigger input that allows an instrument’s audio signal to be modulated by an external source such as a drum machine or a beat from a laptop.

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