ART Ships TCS – Twin Compression System

art compressorApplied Research and Technology (ART) is now shipping the Twin Compression System (TCS). The TCS is a two-channel compressor intended for a wide range of audio processing applications.

Both an Opto-isolator compressor and VCA compressor are featured. Users may select one of the compressor styles, or combine the two depending on their needs and techniques. The TCS features a 16 position rotary encoder, which allows selection of preset compression configurations, or full manual control of all settings such as attack and release. Housed in a 1u space design, it can be used directly with instruments or with material captured by microphones, and is suitable for both studio and live performance uses.

TCS™ controls for each channel include:

  • Attack*
  • Release*
  • Threshold
  • Ratio
  • Noise Reduction Threshold
  • Variable Noise Reduction Shelf EQ
  • Preset Encoder
  • Straight-Wire Bypass
  • Tube Control for variable tube harmonics
  • Output Level

* These controls have ranges that are specific to the user preset selections.

The two independent TCS channels can be linked and adjusted with the available global controls. When linked, one level control acts as a balance control for true stereo operation. For use with instruments such as electric guitar or bass, the TCS features a front panel 1/4” instrument input jack and rotary gain control.

A.R.T. Engineers have designed and implemented a feature set on the TCS that exceeds that of units costing much more. It is a high quality, affordable enhancement to any professional or project recording studio, or live rig.

The MSRP of the TCS is $299.00..

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