Moog Announces Software Editor for Voyager

Minimoog VoyagerMoog Music has announced a new software editor for the Minimoog Voyager, to be available this summer.

The cross platform (Mac/PC) Editor allows instant access to the Voyager’s presets, banks, patches, and edit mode parameters through the computer’s MIDI interface.

Voyager owners will be able to quickly assemble preset banks, categorize and archive presets, create random patches, and access edit mode parameters to plumb the depths of the Voyager’s synthesis capabilities. The interface allows the user to load a preset and examine its settings to understand how presets are achieved, as all the front panel controls and the parameters in edit mode can be viewed and edited on the main display screen.

The editor gives fast access to edit mode parameters, including Pitch Bend amount, PGM Mod Buss Source, Destination, Shaping, Keyboard Modes, Trigger Modes, Filter Poles, Envelope Gate Sources, Touch Surface Destinations, Pot Mapping, Clock Divider, and Preset Name. Making a change to any of the controls on the editor’s display automatically sends the change to the Voyager. The resolution of the continuous controls can be set to 16-bit resolution for very precise editing.

Priced at $79, the editor will be available for download from their web site at

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