Eventide Does Windows

Eventide has announced that its Clockworks Legacy, Reverb, and Octavox plug-ins will be available for the Windows XP Pro Tools platform. The announcement provides the growing Windows XP Pro Tools community the same high quality digital audio effects processors that have previously only available for Mac Pro Tools users.

“Although the majority of Pro Tools users reside on the Mac platform, growth among Windows users is significant,” Jason Beck, Eventide’s general manager, remarked. “Requests for Eventide plug-ins from Windows users have been steadily increasing. We intend to support the entire Pro Tools TDM user base with our unique product line.”

The Clockworks Legacy plug-in bundle is a collection of digital versions of Eventide’s first five hardware effects processors. The H949 Harmonizer pitch shifter put a randomizer on the delay to create more natural sounding doubling and harmonies. The original was widely utilized by many top engineers and performers, including a young Jimmy Page, who adopted the H949, the only piece of digital gear to grace his rig. Other plug-ins include: the Omnipressor, modeled after the legendary analog processor. Dubbed the compressor with an attitude, the Omnipressor is capable of extreme effects such as Dynamic Reversal and accomplishes its unique magic by compressing the signal above threshold and expanding it below. The Instant Phaser is the plug-in version of the world’s first phaser effect, and Instant Flanger is a dedicated flanger which allows the blending of modulation sources. The H910, Eventide’s first Harmonizer effects processor and the world’s first pitch changer, faithfully recreates the sound of the original, down to the micro pitch detune often used for thickening instruments and vocals on numerous hit records of the last three decades.

Eventide’s Reverb plug-in is a multi-effect plug-in that incorporates a pair of delays, pre and post stereo three-band parametric EQ, a high-quality compressor, and a Lo-Fi effect. The Eventide Reverb plug-in uses the highest quality reverb algorithms from its flagship Orville, including a full complement of halls, chambers, plates, rooms, and ambience.

Derived from its flagship hardware processor, Orville, the Eventide Octavox features eight-voices of diatonic pitch shifting, each with level and pan controls, up to 2.4 seconds of delay, and an eight-octave range. Octavox is a flexible creation tool which allows users to create anything from stacked harmonies, multi-voice micro pitch detuning, and wide choirs to musical rhythmic sequences. Tempo parameters track session tempo and meter so the delays are always in sync.

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