Pro Tone Introduces Mach II Guitar Booster

Pro Tone Mach IIPro Tone has introduced the Mach II guitar booster. Not a distortion pedal, the Mach II is 2 Class-A gain stages designed to add incredible power to your signal.

With over 30db of gain added to your output you’re sure to be noticed. A huge sounding booster, this single-transistor power booster will give guitarists unprecedented powers of tone and warmth. Able to drive even the cleanest amplifier into to the verge of musical distortion. Get that tone you can only get at stage levels in your bedroom, living room, or project studio.

Mach II features:

  • Durable aluminum housing with an enamel finish
  • True bypass switching for tone preservation when not in use
  • Point to Point construction
  • Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or BOSS style adapter
  • Hand built construction- built in Texas, USA

The Mach II is available directly from Pro Tone Pedals for $95.00.

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