Neuron Goes Soft with Neuron VS

Nuke controllerHartmann has announce a software version of its innovative Neuron synthesizer. The Neuron VS is a PC and Mac compatible (VST and AudioUnits) application.

The software package includes Nuke, right, an ergonomic hardware controller, build of sturdy aluminum and attachable to the computer via the USB connector. Nuke is not only the controller for the software being a clever dongle solution, it also protects Neuron VS from software piracy.

Neuron VS is built on the same sound engine as the Neuron Hardware Synthesizer. With a highly sophisticated graphical user interface that perfectly interacts with the hardware controller.

Neuron VS includes 2 Resynators, the Blender module, The Mod- and Slicer Module, a Silver Unit (Multimode Filter plus Time and Frequency Effect unit) and 7 ADSR Shapers. The Neuron VS ships with more than 300 sounds and more than 200 Models.

“This instrument will meet the expectations of many musicians out there, that do not have the money to spend on a Keyboard version – or who simply want total integration of the Neuron into their virtual studio setup.” says Axel Hartmann.


  • Innovative and award winning neural synthesis engine (template driven Multi-Component Particle Transform Synthesis with real time controllable synthesis model parameters
  • Artificial Neural Network controlled adaptive sound analysis for the parametric transformation of musical monophonic and polyphonic sounds)
  • 2 Resynators, each with 3 Scape and 3 Sphere Levels, Stick recording and Playback function per parameter level
  • 1 ADSR envelope per Resynator with definable depth per parameter level
  • 1 amplifier envelope per Resynator (ADSR)
  • 2 definable free envelopes (ADSR)
  • Blender module for manipulating one timbre (from Resynator 1) with the properties of another (Resynator 2)
  • 8 different blender types
  • Modulation module -Low frequency oscillator with 12 waveforms
  • Slicer module for the generation of multidimensional, cyclic modulation with 12 waveforms
  • Silver module with multimode filter (24dB lowpass, 12dB lowpass, 6dB lowpass, 6dB highpass, bandpass)
  • 1 Silver (ADSR) Envelope
  • Frequency FX Module with EQ / Compressor, Distortion, Ring Modulator, Decimator and SP Warp Effects
  • Time FX Module with Stereo Spread, Left/Right Delay, Flanger, Phaser and Chorus Effects
  • Over 250 Models included (Strings / Percussion / Pianos / Pads /Reed / Plugged / Basses / Drums / Solo Instruments / Bells / Brass / Voices EFX / Loops / Organs, etc.)
  • Each Model can be manipulated with 12 Parameters (6 x Scape / 6 x Sphere Parameters) that have been detected when analyzing the original sound.
  • 10 different Parameter sets – depending on the specific Model characteristics
  • Over 300 Sounds included
  • Hardware controller with 4 freely definable encoder knobs, 1 stick controller, 1 select button / 3 LEDs (connects via the USB port of your computer)

The Neuron VS will be available in September of this year. Pricing is expected to be in the region of US $700.

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