AAS Releases Free Tassman FX Pack Download

Applied Acoustics Systems has announced the Tassman FX Pack, a collection of effect patches, presets and performances designed to expand the arsenal of sound design tools available in Tassman.

This new collection of effect processors takes advantage of the new audio input processing possibilities introduced in Tassman 4. The Tassman FX Pack includes vintage and modern effect processors as well as unique patches developed with Tassman’s acoustic and analog modules.

According to AAS, their main focus has been on creating effects that are both simple and high quality in order to familiarize Tassman users with new features of Tassman 4, while offering effect patches that can be used right away.

Featured Effects

For a complete list, description and audio examples of what is included in the Tassman FX Pack visit the page below.

Tassman FX Pack Content

  • Box Modeler – The Box Modeler is a speaker cabinet simulator. A bank of filters provides cutoff frequency and resonance controls to shape the response of the virtual speaker. The Tassman’s output stage delay and reverb add a sense of space and dimension to the effect.
  • monoFilter – The monoFilter is an envelope and synced-LFO controlled 4-pole resonant lowpass filter. This simple arrangement yields creative results on drum loops, guitar and bass. The envelope is triggered from the input signal detection circuit or via a MIDI signal.
  • Octaver – The Octaver is a synth-like pure-square signal generator. The synthesized signals provided by the Octaver are based on the incoming audio signal – the first signal is at the same pitch and the second is one octave lower. The signals can then be shaped with the two 4-pole resonant lowpass filters. This is a really nasty effect – abuse with care 🙂
  • Panner – The Panner is a simple pan pot, but controlled with a CV sequencer and synced-LFO. This effect works great on mono material – Give new life to those mono drum loops!
  • Phaser – This is the classic Tassman phaser effect patched for real time use.
  • Sync Tremolo – This effect is a tempo-synced variable wave form and stereo width tremolo effect. A new classic!
  • Tremolo – This is the classic Tassman tremolo effect patched for real time use.
  • Tube Booster II – The Tube Booster II is a ten band tubular processor and echo generator. It was originally found in earlier versions of Tassman as an offline sound file processor – This new incarnation can be used in real time in your favorite host application. Each tube’s length corresponds to a resonant frequency. Truly unique!
  • Vintage EQ – The Vintage EQ is inspired by the Pultec equalizers. Like its predecessors Vintage EQ features discrete frequency selection as well as boost and attenuation controls for each of the five frequency bands. The capability of boosting and attenuating the same frequency creates a really musical effect.

The Tassman FX Pack is free for all registered users of Tassman 4 and can be downloaded from the AAS User Library site.

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