Digital Audio Wave Launches DAWin G5000 PC Digital Audio Workstation

Digital Audio Wave music computerDigital Audio Wave has launched the DAWin G5000 PC Digital Audio Workstation, based on the Intel Pentium 4 Processor, supporting Hyper-Threading Technology Extreme Edition, 3.4 GHz and Intel® 925X Express Chipset.

The ultra quiet (18dB) DAWin G5000 digital audio workstation is a desktop system with Intel Pentium 4 Processor supporting HT Technology Extreme Edition 3.4 GHz, two 74GB Western Digital 10000RPM Raptor SATA drives powered by Intel® Matrix RAID Technology, and NVDIA PCI Express X16 graphics card.

“Today’s high-resolution audio and graphics applications demand more PC performance for professional-grade editing, recording, and sharing. Keeping pace with current and emerging usage models requires faster PCs with support for the latest industry initiatives and features. Components such as the CPU, chipset, system memory, and system buses play important roles in delivering the experience users crave. This is why Digital Audio Wave brings you the revolutionary DAWin G5000 PC Digital Audio Workstation based on the Intel Pentium 4 Processor supporting HT Technology Extreme Edition 3.4 GHz and the Intel® 925X Express Chipset.” said Frank Fatih Kara, president and chief operating officer at Digital Audio Wave. “G5000 will shift the paradigm in the industry for digital music making process. Producers and musicians of all types will have an access to an ensured stability and experience an amazing execution of creativity with the reliable performance of this power house.”

“The Intel-based Digital Audio Wave system is a good example of an Intel Product Dealer identifying a niche and providing the tools to meet the needs of producers, studio engineers and musicians,” said Steve Dallman, director of Intel’s North America Distribution and Channel Marketing. “The Intel® 925X Express chipset and the Intel Pentium 4 processor with Hyper-Threading Technology Extreme Edition provide exceptional computing power in a single platform and deliver new levels of performance for power users.”


  • PCI Express bus architecture delivers over 3.5 times more bandwidth for graphics cards than AGP8X, supporting the latest high performance graphics cards. It also offers over 3.5 times more bandwidth than PCI for I/O cards, for top-notch performance with Gigabit Ethernet devices.
  • Intel® Matrix Storage Technology enables increased storage performance on dual hard drives via Native Command Queuing and RAID 0 stripping, while helping to protect your valuable digital archives through RAID 1 mirroring. Native hot plug capability lets you swap hard drives while your PC is running.
  • Dual-Channel DDR2 533 memory delivers up to 8.5GB/s bandwidth for incredibly responsive realistic high-definition audio, high-definition video, faster 3D modeling, and better system performance.
  • G5000 Features: DAWin G5000 features deliver a compelling solution for both consumer and corporate market segments.
  • 800-MHz FSB (Front Side Bus) enables support for today’s highest-performing Intel Pentium 4 Processors with HT Technology Extreme Edition 3.4 GHz
  • Optimized for Intel Pentium 4 Processor supporting HT Technology to enable improved system performance and responsiveness.
  • Enhanced performance architecture, with 800-MHz system bus processors and DDR2 memory, optimizes data transfers between the processor and system memory
  • Flexible memory support, with dual-channel DDR2 533 / DDR2 400 memory, providing up to 8.5GB/s memory bandwidth, in configurations up to a maximum of 4GB of Random Access Memory (RAM).
  • PCI Express delivers up to 4GB/s per direction for graphics bandwidth and up to 500MB/ s concurrent data transfers for I/O.
  • Intel® Matrix Storage Technology, with integrated Raid 0 and Raid 1 capabilities using the latest SATA interface, for accelerated disk I/O performance. Serial ATA hard drives deliver enterprise-class specifications with 10,000 RPM. The newest generation Western Digital Raptor SATA drives offer the digital audio market up to 74 GB capacity, and Rotary Acceleration Feed Forward (RAFF) technology to maintain hard drive performance in high-vibration environments. These new class of hard drives match SCSI reliability and exceed comparable SCSI performance in audio-video workloads while providing simplified connectivity for less cost than SCSI drives. Serial ATA incorporates significant technical enhancements over traditional ATA making it ideal for RAID implementations. Along with several configuration benefits, SATA technology improves data transmission through a point-to-point topology, eliminating bus sharing and delivering a full 1.5Gb/s bandwidth to each drive.
  • Intel® High Definition Audio features eight independent DMA audio engines (192 KHz at 24-bit converters) can enable multiple separate, simultaneous audio streams with support for major audio formats, such as Dolby Digital and 7.1 surround sound.

DAWin G5000 System Features:


  • Intel Pentium4 Processor with HT Technology Extreme Edition 3.4 GHz; 1MB L2 cache
  • 800MHz Front Side Bus

System Board

  • Intel 925X Express / ICH6R/RW Chipset
  • Supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology
  • DDR2 533/400 SDRAM 4 slots, Dual-channel (4GB max)
  • PCI Express x16 Graphics Controller
  • NVIDIA PCI Express X16 VGA Card with 128MB DDR V-RAM with VGA+DVI+TV
  • Two independent 32-bit PCI-Express x1 bus
  • Four 32-bit 33MHz PCI slots

Integrated I/O

  • 1 x floppy connector supports up to two drives
  • 1 x 25-pin ECP/EPP parallel port connector and two serial (one rear connector, one header)
  • 8 x USB2.0 ports (4 rear connectors & 4 headers)
  • 2 x PS/2 for mouse and keyboard connectors
  • Two FireWire (IEEE 1394a) ports (one rear connector and two internal connector)
  • Optional FireWire-800 IEEE-1394b

Integrated LAN Controllers

  • Intel Pro Gigabit LAN via one RJ-45 LAN connector with LED

Integrated SATA Controller

  • SATA150 (1.5Gb/s) (4 ports) and ATA100/66 up to two devices
  • Intel Matrix Storage Technology (RAID 0/1)

Integrated Audio

  • Integrated Intel High Definition Audio: Flexible 8-channel audio with jack sensing (back ports: 5 analog, I optical, 1 coax)

Ultra light and all aluminum DAWin G5000 desktop tower chassis specifications

  • Power Supply: 400Watts No-Noise fan-less power supply with passive cooling and active PFC
  • Optional Removable Drive Bays (SATA x 4): Optional 4 x 3.5in. SATA bays 6 x 3.5in internal drive bays, 3 x 5.25in external 2 x 3.5in external.
  • System Cooling Fans: 1 x 12mm hot-swap and 2 x 90mm “-ultra low-noise” cooling fan 14dB!
  • Rear chassis hot air exhaust fan with removable sound damping fan cover: 1 x 120mm “ultra-low-noise-14dB” exhaust fan
  • Anti-vibration rubber rings
  • Laser carving aluminum front ventilating panels
  • Aluminum door with lock *Special sound insulated foam inside
  • Color: Silver and Black Chassis Size(W x H x D): 210mm x 490mm x 625mm

G5000 System and Productivity Package Includes the following:

Windows XP Home Edition w/ Service Pack-2 and Installation CD, Drivers Installation CDs and manuals, MS Express Mail, MS Windows Messenger, MS I-Explorer, , Address Book, QuickTime & I-tunes, Win Media Player, Ahead Nero Burning software, DVD Player, Acrobat Reader, Windows Movie Maker, ATT Wireless, Irfan-View Graphic Converter, Open-Office Office Suite Tools, NTI CD-Maker, Musicmatch, GameSpy, Diskeeper Lite, InterVideo Home Theater Silver, InterVideo WinDVD Creator Silver, Farstone RestoreIT Lite, Norton Internet Security, and SYSTEM RECOVERY DVD.

G5000 Musician’s tool-box package includes the following:

  • Cakewalk Kinetic
  • Cakewalk Pyro 2004
  • Ableton Live Lite
  • Reason Adapted,
  • M-Audio ProSessions Sound and Loop Libraries CD containing high quality loops and samples
  • Musicmatch, QuickTime, I-tunes
  • Ahead Nero Burning Software

Additional info is available at the DAW site.

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