Precisionsound Kloo Mandolin

Kloo MandolinPrecisionsound has released Kloo Mandolin, a new sampleset in HALion /Kontakt & SoundFont formats.

This unique Mandolin was built by the instrument maker Ulf Kloo in 1997 for the musician Leif Isebring. Kloo Mandolin has an extended range from G2 to D6. The release contains 489 individual 24 bit Mono WAV samples, 12 programs for HALion 1.*, NI Kontakt 1.2 and 11 SoundFont programs. The 16-bit SoundFont programs is 100% compatible with Gigasampler, EXS24, NN-XT, Emulator-X and all other samplers with SoundFont import function.

About the content:

  • 2 different picked notes programs with fast attack and full, slower attack.
  • The SoundFont version has only one specially edited “Picked note” program.
  • 1 flam notes program with a more “blurry” articulation, suitable for chord playing and faster drills and for rounding of tremolo notes.1 tremolo program with typical mandolin tremolo notes.
  • All programs is chromatically sampled, every half note in the whole tonal range, 2 velocity levels. Above that, Flageolets, fret noises and a huge selection of noises, knocks, scrape & scratch sounds and a special program called “KM Glass”.
  • Kloo Mandolin is divided into 3 different SampleSets and a SampleSet BUNDLE for download and the BUNDLE is also available on CD-Rom.

Both the SoundFonts (16 bit) and HALion/Kontakt (24 bit) Sets are included when ordering.

Additional information is available from PrecisionSound.

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