Peas Samples Synth Pioneer Kitaro For Dance Tracks

Peter “Peas” McEvilley’s new release Filters, on Kanpai Records, (Domo Music Group) is a sonic adventure ranging from downtempo to breakbeat. Each track contains a sample from legendary Japanese world music pioneer, Kitaro, which Peas seamlessly weaves into his original beats and melodies.

McEvilley, who has produced and written songs for Hollywood Records, Miramax, ABC and many others, started work on this latest album last year after co-scoring a Japanese anime, Ninja Scroll, with Kitaro. Recognizing that Kitaro is one of the pioneers of electronic chill-out music, McEvilley decided to produce a full-length CD that would incorporate samples from Kitaro’s music into new, beat heavy, electronica tracks.

Peas started DJing in the mid-nineties at some of South Beach’s (Miami) hottest clubs including: Chaos’ millennium party, Nikki Beach Club, Pearl, Rumi, Touch, and Automatic Slim’s. He also toured as a drummer for several years with the reggae band, Inna Sense. When performing, McEvilley integrates live drums and keyboard into his DJ performance.

People in northern California will be able to catch him at this year’ seventh annual Earthdance event on September 18, 2004.

Established in 1994, Los Angeles-based Domo Music Group, is guided by founder Eiichi Naito’s mission, “To provide a home for both the creators and aficionados of quality music beyond the borders of categorization.” Staying true to this mission, this month Domo is launching its new imprint, Kanpai Records ( This new label will focus on electronic and indie rock hybrids – plus everything in between. “We want to put out music that encompasses the best of all worlds… nothing too genre specific, but rather the gray space in between,” says Michelle Ogata, Kanpai’s Marketing Director. Kanpai’s first three albums are due for release in Fall 2004 and include Filters by Peas, Unconscious Ruckus by Appogee, and Reinterpretations by various artists.

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