PSP Brings ProZilla Pack to Plugzilla Standalone Plugin Player

Manifold Labs PlugzillaManifold Labs has announced that its standalone plugin player Plugzilla now offers the PSPaudioware ProZilla Pack as part of its standard set of studio-grade instruments and effects.

“With ProZilla Pack, PSPaudioware has set the standard for high-end mastering plugin. Marrying this product-set with the power and portability of Plugzilla gives audio professionals a new level of versatility for front of house mixing, live performance, recording and mastering,” said Tony Agnello, Manifold Lab’s co-founder.

A Linux-based host, optimized for low audio and MIDI latency, Plugzilla can run most any VST plugin. Leveraging PSP’s products as its premier plugin content, Plugzilla ships with a comprehensive set of effects and instruments that can be expanded via its Ethernet and USB inputs.

“Plugzilla is truly high-end rack mount monster offering a streamlined system that allows users to take full advantage of PSP’s native products,” said Antoni Ozynski, PSP’s Managing Director. “ProZilla gives Plugzilla users enhanced mixing and mastering capabilities directly out of the box, a unique combination of performance and efficiency.”

PSP plugins utilize 64-bit floating-point computations and other proprietary techniques to enhance signal-processing quality. The ProZilla Pack consists of MasterQ, MixPressor, MixSaturator, StereoController, StereoEnhancer and the award-winning VintageWarmer, all specifically redesigned for Plugzilla. It also includes AutoComp, EasyLimit, and MS, which are available exclusively for the Plugzilla platform.

The ProZilla pack is provided with Plugzilla on a limited trial basis and is priced at $599. More information regarding ProZilla Pack and Plugzilla can be found at and

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