Synapse Audio Introduces Poly-850

Synapse Audio has introduced Poly-850, a virtual instrument for Windows VST and DXi hosts. The Poly-850 is a VSTi / DXi synthesizer plug-in, which started out as an emulation of a vintage synth, but went beyond that by adding a several improvements and new features over the original.

The concept of the Poly-850 is simple: 2 oscillators, one filter for all voices, 3 envelopes, a modulation generator and a chorus effect. What makes the Poly-850 special, is the unique sound of the oscillators, and the quality of the chorus effect.

As a result, the Poly-850 is particularly great for warm backing sounds and atmospheric pad sounds, that fit nicely into the background of a mix. However you’ll find all kind of other useful sounds in the preset banks as well.

Synapse Poly 850

Features of the original Poly, also found in the Poly-850, include:

  • 2 oscillators, with 4 overtones each
  • 3 envelope generators, one for each osc and one for the filter
  • Global 12dB Lowpass filter
  • 6-stage envelopes
  • A Modulation Generator, for oscillator pitch and filter
  • Noise Generator
  • Chorus effect

The Poly-850 also offer these additional features:

  • Direct access to every parameter
  • Full Automation / MIDI support
  • Seamless overtone blend between saw and square
  • Velocity sensitive (programmable)
  • Adjustable polyphony, up to 16 voices

Poly-850 is available now for Windows in both VST and DXi formats and a demo version is availble for download at their web site at Synapse has announced a Mac OS X version also.

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