Digidesign Wants to Smack Your Mix Up

Digidesign wants you to Smack your mix up! Digidesign Smack!
is a new compressor/limiter plug-in designed specifically for music
applications, but capable of accommodating virtually any kind of audio
material with equal success.

Digidesign Smack! features three compression modes, unique
compression ratios, and harmonic distortion ideally suited for
achieving a wide range of sonic variations and colorations. Smack!
supports both Digidesign and Avid software*, side-chain processing,
multi-channel track types, the full range of Pro Tools sample rates and
AudioSuite, RTAS, and TDM plug-in formats. ?€œSmack! LE?€ includes
AudioSuite and RTAS versions, and supports Pro Tools LE and Avid
software at a reduced price.

Digidesign Smack! has been developed for Pro Tools music makers who
require a great-sounding, flexible, and easy-to-use compression tool.
Accurately modeling automatic gain reduction devices previously found
only in hardware, Smack! controls the volume of just about any source
in a very ?€œmusical?€ manner, adding fullness, intelligibility, and
excitement to any track. Its control ranges are practical and sweep a
wide range of tonal compression color, resulting in true warmth and
distinction. Along with delivering phenomenal sound, Smack! operates
effectively at any setting and is easily and quickly manipulated
through its intuitive user interface.

At home in Pro Tools-based music, broadcast, post production and
sound design applications, Smack! is an ideal plug-in choice for use
with bass, drums, and vocals to bring optimal track placement and
presence to a mix.

MSRP for Smack! is $595 US. MSRP for Smack! LE is $395 US.

System Requirements

  • Digidesign-approved Pro Tools|HD Accel, Pro Tools|HD, Pro Tools|24
    MIX (RTAS and AudioSuite only with Pro Tools|24 MIX), or Pro Tools LE
    system; or Avid software
  • iLok USB Smart Key (an iLok.com account is recommended for managing iLok licenses)

For more information about Digidesign products, visit www.digidesign.com/products.

*Smack! is compatible with Avid Xpress DV and Avid Xpress Pro software, and all Avid DNA systems.

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