Pro Tones Kompressor Crushes Mixes

Pro Tones has announced the Kompressor, born of legendary design with modern improvements in tone, usability and reliability. The Kompressor has all of the qualities found in the compressors of the seventies. It adds a rich thickness to your tone, reminiscent of vintage sounds, while still maintaining a timeless rock n roll vibe.


  • Bright orange LED
  • Durable aluminum housing with an enamel finish
  • Germanium diodes, 2N5457 transistors and the legendary Texas Instruments JRC4558 chip
  • External Bias (Press) and Volume (Level) controls, allowing you the most tonal flexibility
  • True bypass switching for tone preservation when not in use
  • Point to Point construction
  • Operates on a standard 9 volt battery or BOSS style adapter
  • Hand built construction- built in Texas, USA
  • Foot switch reliable for over 30,000 stomps for years of service!

The Kompressor is available directly from Pro Tone Pedals website for $129.00

For more information an product ordering visit

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