Digidesign Wants You To Get Massive

Digidesign has announced MassivePack 3, a plug-in bundle that includes some of the most popular Pro Tools plug-ins.

From now until September 30, 2004, customers who purchase a
MassivePack 3 bundle can save over $5,000 on plug-ins from Bomb
Factory, Digidesign, Eventide, Line 6, Massenburg DesignWorks, McDSP,
Sony, SoundToys, and Trillium Lane Labs. Customers can also save up to
nearly $8,000 with the MassivePack Pro 3 bundle which includes a Pro
Tools|HD Accel card along with all of the MassivePack 3 plug-ins.

MassivePack 3 – $1,195 US (Mac/Win*)

Available for current and new owners of registered Pro Tools|HD Accel systems, MassivePack 3 includes:

Echo Farm by Line 6 – Classic echo effects; features include
extended delay time, bpm/note value delay time setting, tap tempo, and
complete automation

  • FilterBank by McDSP – Emulates any EQ ever made, including tube driven, solid-state, vintage, and modern EQs
  • H949 Harmonizer by Eventide – The classic Harmonizer effects
    processor offering unique pitch shifting and harmonizing capabilities
  • MC2000 by McDSP – High-end multi-band compressor that emulates the sound of vintage and modern compressors
  • MDW High-Res Parametric EQ by Massenburg DesignWorks – Optimum
    high-resolution digital EQ plug-in featuring double precision
    processing and high sample rate support
  • Oxford OXF-R3 EQ by Sony – The acclaimed EQ from Sony’s flagship
    console that includes five band pass sections and low and high pass
  • Slightly Rude Compressor?„? by Bomb Factory – Custom-designed, multi-application compressor perfect for warming digital mixes
  • Smack! ?„? by Digidesign – New foolproof compressor/limiter plug-in for Pro Tools, designed specifically for music applications
  • SoundBlender by SoundToys – The ultimate collection of time, pitch, filter, and modulation-based effects
  • Speed by SoundToys – Precision tempo and pitch modification tool
  • TL Space by Trillium Lane Labs – The first TDM convolution reverb
    for Pro Tools, offering near-zero latency and superb sound quality

MassivePack Pro 3 – $3,495 US (Mac/Win*)

MassivePack Pro 3 includes an HD Accel card in addition to all of
the plug-ins in the MassivePack 3 bundle. Nearly two times more
powerful than HD Process and four times more than MIX?„?, HD Accel
supercharges Pro Tools|HD systems with increased DSP power for bigger,
better mixes – as well as providing exclusive support for HD
Accel-exclusive software options.

Available for current and new owners of registered Pro Tools|HD systems, MassivePack Pro 3 includes:

  • One HD Accel card
  • All of the plug-ins in the MassivePack 3 software bundle above

* MassivePack 3 orders for Windows XP are not available at this
time, and are not expected to be available until November 2004. To
check on the availability of MassivePack 3 for Windows XP, visit your
local Digidesign reseller or visit www.digidesign.com.

For more information, visit Digidesign?€™s website at http://www.digidesign.com.

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