Elemental Audio Systems Adds Neodynium Compressor

Elemental Audio Systems has introduced Neodynium, a
compressor and dynamics processing plug-in. Neodynium employs
sophisticated processing techniques to deliver the topnotch sound
quality audio professionals demand.

Neodynium introduces a visual approach to compression that supplies
invaluable information for optimizing and directing compression efforts
and ensuring effective compressor use. Neodynium has a retail price of
$159 (US), but is available for a limited time at an introductory price
of $139 (US). Neodynium may also be purchased bundled with Elemental
Audio Systems’ award winning EQ plug-ins Firium and Eqium.

Neodynium is Mac OS X and Windows compatible and is available in
RTAS, Audio Unit, and VST plug-in formats for use in hosts including
Digidesign Pro Tools, Emagic Logic, Steinberg Cubase, BIAS Peak, and

Instead of the more typical knobs, Neodynium is controlled by
interacting with a graphical depiction of its compression settings.
Unlike the transfer curves and displays found on other compressors,
Neodynium’s Input/Output (I/O) Map provides a complete visual picture
of the amount of compression being applied and the audio levels being
affected. For the first time, compressor users are able to truly see
how they are affecting their audio dynamics.

“We designed Neodynium to be flexible – accommodating the varying
needs of audio professionals, home studio enthusiasts, instructors, and
students a like,” said Elemental Audio Systems’ Vice President, Brandon
Ware. “But, we also wanted Neodynium to be exceedingly powerful. To
meet these requirements, we had to break the mold of the typical

Neodynium has the ability to affect distinct, user specified level
ranges. Not to be confused with multi-band compression, this
flexibility means users can hone in on sounds and audio at different
levels and expand and/or compress each separately. Because Neodynium
treats each targeted range of levels as a virtually independent
compression region, compression effects can range from muted to the
complete alteration of the sonic character.

Neodynium includes features to address common and not-so-common
compression tasks and make it easier to achieve the desired compression
effect: selectable side-chain/key input, up to three key filters (seven
filter types available), target and processed key meters, “cloud”
meters, Auto-Limiter, automatic gain compensation, look-ahead, and more.

Key Product Features:

  • Graphic compressor
  • User configurable compression regions
  • Side-chain/selectable key input
  • Peak or RMS key analysis
  • Look-ahead
  • Auto-Limiter
  • Key Meters
  • Input and Output “Cloud” Meters
  • Input and Output Peak Hold Meters
  • Two workspaces to create/compare settings
  • Support for higher sample rates

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Mac: PowerPC G3; MacOS X (10.2 or higher); AU/VST compatible host
    application; Digidesign Pro Tools 6.1 or newer and Digidesign-approved
  • Win: Pentium 3 or higher; Windows 98/ME/2000/XP; VST compatible
    host application; Digidesign Pro Tools 6.4 or newer and
    Digidesign-approved system

Price: Introductory $139 (US); Regular $159 (US)

A non time-limited demo may be downloaded from the Elemental Audio site:

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