Leap Frog Audio Announces Rephrase

Leap Frog has announced Rephrase, a phrase editing virtual instrument that uses audio tracks as source material. Using Rephrase, audio tracks become instruments in their own right. It lets you edit them directly as MIDI in your host application, or play them live via midi.

At the core of Rephrase is a resynthesis engine. The engine is the result of over a year’s research and development. It has been tuned to ensure sampler-like quality is achieved, while allowing free control over pitch, time, volume, formant, partial tuning etc… The engine performs formant preservation, meaning audio files sound realistic, even when pitched up or down by a large amount.

Rephrase imports monophonic audio files and automatically splits them up into notes. Notes can be played back in-order, allowing changes to timing, pitch and volume of each note via MIDI.

MIDI export, including drag-and-drop functionality, allows the
phrase to become part of your music. Phrases are exported in sync with
your music, because of automatic tempo detection, and time stretch
synchronization features. Harmonies can be easily created by sending
midi on multiple channels.

Rephrase uses an file caching, and navigation system to ensure the
fastest possible workflow. CPU usage, memory usage and the phrase file
format are all highly optimised to ensure a light load on your computer.

Additional features include: modulation – for creating vibrato and
tremolo effects, spectrum based compression, a resonant LP/HP/BP
filter, and reverb.

The Windows VSTi version of Rephrase is scheduled for release in
early November, and will cost $199 / Euro 159 / GBP 109. A Macintosh
version will follow in early 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at http://www.leapfrogaudio.com/

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