LinPlugs Updates RM IV 4.1 Drum Synth

LinPlug has updated the RM IV drum synth and sample module to v4.1. The new release includes over 2850 MIDI beats, specially designed for use with the RM IV.

Chicago-based Groove Monkee, a developer of professional MIDI
products, has licensed parts of their MIDI beats collection to LinPlug.
This collection of 2200 beats covers 24 different styles of music
including Rock, Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, and R&B. As well as this,
UK-based Groove Criminals have added a further 450 House, Techno, Urban
and Breakbeat beats. Kohlekeller Studio from Germany handcrafted a
collection of Rock beats specially designed for the Kohlekeller Kits
which are included with the RM IV.

The RM IV has been enhanced and now includes a MIDI browser which
enables simple and fast previewing of the included beats. The beats are
played back by the RM IV in sync with the host software and can easily
be moved to the host?€šs MIDI tracks via ?€ždrag and drop (when
supported by the host).

100 new sample-based Kits will be included with the RM IV. These new
Kits have been created primarily for contemporary music styles. This
means that the RM IV now comes with more than 270 complete drum kits
(including more than 4200 different sounds) and over 2850 MIDI beats.

System Requirements:

VST2.0 or AU capable host software. MacintoshTM, Mac OSXTM 10.2.6 or
higher, 400 MHz or higher CPU, 512 Mb RAM recommended, 1300 Mb free
disk space PC, Windows 95TM or higher, 400 Mhz or higher CPU, 512 Mb
RAM recommended, 1300 Mb free disk space

Licence Fee / Suggested Retail Price: 149.00 US$ / 149.00 ?€? (in
the EU) The Upgrade from the RM IV 4.0 to the RM IV 4.1 is 25.00 US$ /
20.00?€? (in the EU).

Details are available at the Linplug site.

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