PowerFX Releases SoundShuttle Internet-Enabled Sample Library

PowerFX, a leading provider and digital distributor
of loops, sound effects and music samples, has announced the release of
a new VST plug-in, SoundShuttle. Now over 40,000 sounds in the PowerFX database can be previewed, auditioned, and downloaded directly from your sequencer.

?€œThe SoundShuttle is the fastest, easiest, most proficient and
ultimately least expensive way to purchase loops, samples and sound
effects?€, stated Bil Bryant, Managing Partner for PowerFX. ?€œThis
takes using and purchasing samples and sound effects to a whole other
level?€ he concluded.

After purchasing and downloading the SoundShuttle, users are
automatically logged in to the entire PowerFX Sound Shuttle library for
instant access to thousands of sounds and samples. The plug-in is most
intelligent and efficient way to search and purchase sounds to date,
with looping preview files, real time synchronization with host,
unzipping sounds on the fly and drag -n-drop downloads to your host
make this an incredibly useful tool. Users can store and save
SoundShuttle purchases right from within the application, where you can
assess and download sounds again and again.

?€œThis makes searching for sounds a very creative and inspirational
process, stated Bil Bryant. By using plugin architecture to assess an
internet database, we believe that the Sound Shuttle will provide a
whole new set of creative possibilities for everyone using sounds?€.

Currently, the SoundShuttle can be used in conjunction with popular
creation software company products, using the VST platform such as,
Cubase VST, Nuendo, Ableton Live, Fruity Loops and more. It is
available for an introductory price of $19.95 with 10 free sound
credits at the PowerFX web site. SoundShuttle is available as a VST PC
plugin, with VST Mac, Audio Units and RTAS versions coming soon.

More information is available at: www.powerfx.com

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