Edirol Introduces Portable WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Edirol has announced the R-1, a portable 24-bit WAVE and MP3 Recorder/Player suitable for a wide range of sound and music applications.

The R-1 is a mobile, high-quality recording device offering direct
storage to Compact Flash (CF) memory, 24- bit effect processing, and
operation from 2 AA batteries. At 4″ x 5.5″ and weighing in at 10 oz
(including batteries and CF), the R-1 is carefully designed with
handpicked electronic parts chosen for premium sound quality throughout
the signal path.

The R-1 is equipped with two hi-grade electret mics, external line
and mic inputs for quick and clean stereo capture. In addition, the R-1
contains a 24-bit internal effects processor which includes Mic
Simulation through Roland’s COSM technology, Noise Reducer, Hum Cut,
10-band EQ, Reverb, Center Cancel and more. For music education
applications it also includes a Metronome, Tuner, half-speed playback,
and A-B repeat to loop one section of an audio file.

The R-1 stores files directly to Compact Flash allowing convenient
access and memory capacity up to 2GB. It comes bundled with a 64MB CF
card which allows a maximum record time of 130 (MP3, 64 kbps mode).

A 2GB CF card will provide storage capacity for over 2 hours of
24-bit/44.1kHz WAV recordings or over 69 hours of MP3 storage at the
R-1’s highest compression level of 64kbs. The R-1 also offers a USB2.0
port to quickly transfer files to and from the computer. At maximum
resolution (24-bit/44.1kHz) the R-1 can transfer a 60 minute file (908
MB) to the computer in just three minutes. The R-1 includes a headphone
jack that doubles as a S/PDIF Optical output, allowing the R-1 to
stream digital audio directly to digital monitor speakers, such as the
Edirol MA-10D or MA-20D or DAT/CD/MD recorders.

According to Kim Nunney, President of Edirol Corporation North
America, “Hard drive and memory-based portable audio players are hugely
popular. In the case of recorders, however, very few quality lower-cost
options exists leaving legacy media devices like cassette, DAT, or MD
as your choices. The R-1 was designed to satisfy the needs of
musicians, field recorders and videomakers. This user group needs
portability beyond laptops with high quality sound, lengthy recording
times and random access.”

The R-1 will list for $550 and be available in later November.

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