Essential Rock, Alt, and Pop Drum Loops and Samples Now Available in REX2 Format

Beta Monkey Music has released two of their most popular and versatile discs in REX2 format: Drum Werks Vol. IV and Alt and Modern Rock Drums I.

Now Beta Monkey drums loops can be used in Steinberg’s Cubase VST,
Propellerhead’s Reason, emagic’s Logic V5, Digital Performer, Audio
Genetic’s Alkali, Spectrasonic?€™s Stylus RMX, and more.

Drum Werks Vol IV: An versatile collection of acoustic studio grooves for rock, alt and modern rock, bluesy rock, and pop features:

  • 1000+ tasty REX2 grooves in a wide range of tempos (77 BPM to 153 BPM)
  • Cohesive drum sounds. All loops cut from a single recording session for seamless loop application and manipulation.
  • ?€œGroove Set?€ organization includes all the grooves, fills,
    transitions, and one shots needed for easy and authentic drum track
  • 60+ single hit drum and cymbal samples
  • Extremely versatile and natural drum sounds, mixed for easy ?€œdrag and drop?€ use in a wide range of musical styles.

Retail Price: $26.99 (includes free same-day shipping worldwide).

Alt and Modern Rock I: A complete acoustic drum loop resource for today?€™s alt and modern rock music features:

  • 600+ acoustic REX2 drum loops
  • Organized by ?€œGroove Sets?€ with main grooves, groove
    variations, fills, and one-shots grouped by tempo and feel for ease of
  • Healthy variety of tempos and feels, ranging from 93 BPM to 200 BPM.
  • 200+ single hit drum and cymbal samples for further customization of loops.
  • A diverse and inspiring loop library for today?€™s modern rock
    tracks, with all the acoustic and rhythmic punch your music deserves.

Retail Price: $26.99 (includes free same-day shipping worldwide).

For more information, visit the Beta Monkey Music site.

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