Apple Introduces Two New Garageband Jam Packs

Apple has introduced two new Jam Packs for its GarageBand music creation software, giving musicians and aspiring musicians alike more loops and software instruments for creating music in the genre of their choice.

Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools makes it easy to produce compelling dance, hip-hop and electronica tracks; and Jam Pack 3: Rhythm Section offers songwriters a complete backing band to help build a professional sounding foundation for their rock, alternative and country music.

“GarageBand and the original Jam Pack made it possible for anyone, regardless of their musical background, to easily create great sounding music on their Mac,” said Rob Schoeben, Apple’s vice president of Applications Marketing. “With these two new Jam Packs, musicians and aspiring musicians can delve deeper into their favorite genre. GarageBand just got better.”

Jam Pack 2: Remix Tools offers more than 2,000 additional loops, 20
new beat kits (Techno, R&B, House, Trance), new synth and sound
effect instruments and classic drum machines from Roland (TR-808,
TR-909, TR-606, CR-78), turning the Mac(R) into an easy-to-use,
all-in-one dance and urban music production tool. Jam Pack 3: Rhythm
Section includes an additional 2,000 loops and over 50 new instruments
to make GarageBand an even more powerful music creation tool. New drums
(Jazz Brushes, Indie Rock, Warehouse Kit), basses (Motown, Liverpool,
Progressive Rock, Unplugged) and guitars (Dobro Slide, Bluegrass Banjo,
Bluesy Acoustic, Heavy Metal Electric) are a sample of the
professional-quality software instruments that come with Rhythm Section.

GarageBand I have an amazing backing band even when I’m writing songs
at home,” said Ed Robertson, guitarist and vocalist for the Barenaked
Ladies. “The instruments and loops in the new Jam Pack 3: Rhythm
Section sound incredibly realistic and natural-even acoustic and folk
instruments, which are typically difficult to recreate on a computer.”

“I’ve listened to all of the sound modules and libraries out there
for dance music and the quality of Remix Tools is the best I’ve ever
heard,” said Chris Cox, Grammy nominated dance remix producer for
artists Madonna, Britney Spears, Cher, Whitney Houston, Jennifer Lopez
and Christina Aguilera. “I can literally use these loops and
instruments to cut a record today. It’s almost scary to know that
everyone will have access to so many great sounds.”

GarageBand, part of Apple’s award-winning iLife(R) ’04 suite of
digital lifestyle applications, allows both novice and seasoned
musicians to easily play, record and create amazing music using a
remarkably simple interface.

With GarageBand, recorded performances, digital audio and looping
tracks can easily be arranged and edited like building blocks to create
a song. Songs made with GarageBand can be imported into iTunes(R) and
used within movie or slideshow projects created with iMovie(R),
iPhoto(TM) and iDVD(R).

Apple offers a complete line of integrated music creation tools that
addresses the needs of consumers, students, educators, creative pros
and professional musicians alike. For consumers, GarageBand turns the
Mac into a high-quality musical instrument and complete recording
studio. Logic(R) Pro 7 is Apple’s professional music creation and audio
production software line for musicians and audio engineers. Logic
Express 7 is a streamlined version of Logic, providing a basic set of
professional tools for students, educators and advanced hobbyists.
GarageBand Jam Packs, including the new Remix Tools and Rhythm Section
packs, provide additional professional quality loops and instruments
for GarageBand, Logic Express 7 and Logic Pro 7 for $99. Projects
created with GarageBand can be easily imported into Logic Express 7 and
Logic Pro 7, providing an easy upgrade path for music hobbyists who are
ready to graduate to a more advanced audio production tool.
Additionally, everything learned in Logic Express 7 is directly
transferable to Logic Pro 7.

Pricing & Availability

The new Jam Packs are available now through the Apple Store(R) (,
Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers for a suggested
retail price of $99 (U.S.) each. Jam Pack 1 is also available for a
suggested retail price of $99 (U.S.). GarageBand comes bundled with all
new Macs and is available as part of iLife ’04, for a suggested retail
price of $49 (U.S.) through the Apple Store (, Apple’s
retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers.

GarageBand and Jam Packs require Mac OS(R) X v10.2.6 or later,
QuickTime 6.4 or later, a Macintosh(R) computer with PowerPC 600 MHz or
faster G3, G4, or G5 processor, 256MB or more physical RAM and a
1024×768 or larger display. A G4 or G5 processor is required for
GarageBand software instruments.

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