DJ Tiesto

DJ TiestoDJ Tiesto is one of the most popular DJs in the world. He’s gained a massive following in Europe, where he’s a popular draw at clubs and resorts. His trance dance CDs are popular electronica hits. He’s played many large festivals, including the Love Festival in Germany and Israel.

Tiesto, born Tijs Verwest, is a Dutch native that got into DJing at an early age. When he first started working, he played music from the Dutch pop charts. As he matured, his focus has moved to house, trance, and club-focused music. His first mix series came out on Holland’s Basic Beat Recordings. Tiesto’s later releases came out on Black Hole Recordings, his own label.

DJ Tiesto is in great demand as a remixer. He’s done remixes for the Dave Mathews Band, which covered new territory by taking rock into a house club world. He’s remixed for Moby, including “Love of Strings” and “Life’s So Sweet” from his new album 18.

“Silence”, a remix of Sarah McLachlan’s song, was one of his first major US hits. It is played in clubs worldwide, and is considered one of the most influential progressive dance tracks. Other significant hits include “Flight 643” and “Gouryella”.

The Tiesto website has schedule information, along with streaming audio of his mixes.

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