Blue Introduces Robbie Mic Pre

Blue Robbie Mic PreBlue Microphones has introduced Robbie, a Class-A discrete tube microphone and instrument preamplifier.

With no ICs and the highest-quality discrete components from input to output, Robbie is one of the quietest (-131 dB EIN @ 50ohms) and most detailed (THD 0.006%).

Robbie features audiophile-grade ultra low noise metal film resistors and polystyrene capacitors, and provides the user with the best of both worlds: an electronically-balanced, fully discrete input stage, tube gain stage (ECC88 twin triode), and an electronically-balanced solid-state output stage. There is no switching crossover distortion anywhere in the completely balanced audio signal path. And Robbie achieves 34dB headroom before clipping.


  • Fully discrete Class-A signal path — completely balanced from input to output
  • Solid-state transformerless input stage coupled with twin triode (ECC88) vacuum tube gain stage insures ultra low noise (-131 dB), maximum detail and exceptionally musical harmonic saturation
  • 34dB headroom before clipping
  • Front panel instrument input turns Robbie into a DI –will enhance any bass, electric guitar, synth or drum machine
  • A work of art that you’ll proudly display on top of your console or on your workstation
  • Optional Robbie Rack Shelf Adapter: For added convenience, this custom Adapter will fit Robbie on any rack shelf or tray

For more information, visit the Blue site.

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