TerraTec Producer Introduces Phase 88

Terratec Phase 88TerraTec Producer has introduced a professional FireWireT and PCI solution for music production on a PC or Mac.

Based on the PHASE 88 Recording Interface, the rack version offers eight high-quality analog inputs/outputs with 24-bit / 96-kHz resolution. All I/Os are balanced 6.3 mm (1/4″) jacks located on the rear panel. With these features, it provides plenty of ports and the technical features required for even large recording sessions. All inputs are separately variable using front panel gain knobs. In addition, clip LEDs provide visual indication of unintentional overdrive. The PHASE 88 Rack System is now available as PCI- or high speed FireWireT (IEEE 1394) Interface and priced at 559.00 euros MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price).

Two input channels can be set at the touch of a button to accommodate microphone signals. To this end, the device is equipped with XLR connecters featuring switchable 48-volt phantom power. A stereo channel digital I/O (S/PDIF) with coaxial connectors (PCI version) respectively optical digital I/Os (FireWire version) is onboard to interface with DAT recorders and the like.

A word clock I/O serves to sync up the device with external digital equipment, and two independent MIDI interfaces offer access to 32 MIDI channels. The PHASE 88 RACK is thus a full-fledged recording system that makes – from a technical perspective – an external mixer a dispensable option.

In addition, up to four PCI devices can be cascaded with a single driver, giving you no less than 40 audio channels for simultaneous use. Thanks to its sophisticated board design and proven converters, the system delivers outstanding audio quality: a signal-to-noise ratio of 110 dB (A) speaks for itself. The PHASE 88 Rack PCI system also is future-proof: if necessary, you can easily replace the rack module’s PCI connection with an optional FireWireT (IEEE 1394) interface.


  • 8 channel balanced analog I/Os
  • 2 separate MIDI ports
  • Gain control on front panel for each analog input channel
  • Clipping and signal LEDs on the front panel for each analog input channel
  • 2 microphone inputs with switchable 48 V phantom power supplies
  • Hardware monitor-mixer on PCI and FireWireT version
  • 4 meter connecting cable to PCI card or FireWireT interface
  • PCI or FireWireT (IEEE1394) interface alternatively
  • Retrofit FireWireT interface for PCI version

Software FireWireT-Version

  • WDM driver for Windows
  • MAC OS X Core-Audio/MIDI support since OS X 10.3.3 projected
  • ASIO 2.0 and GSIF (GigaStudio) support for all in- and outputs
  • ASIO/GSIF/WDM (MME and DirectSound) multi-client mode
  • “WDM Kernel Streaming” (e.g. for SonarT)
  • MME- and DirectSound support
  • Control Panel for Windows XP, MAC OS X projected

Software PCI Version

  • WDM driver for Windows
  • MAC OS X support projected
  • Support for ASIO 2.0 and GigaStudio (GSIF)
  • ASIO/GSIF multi-client mode
  • “WDM Kernel Streaming” (e.g. for SonarT)
  • MME- and DirectSound support
  • Control Panel for Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP (MAC OS X projected)

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